4 dead, 5 injured after pickup hits limousine in wine country

Washington motorists may have read about a deadly incident involving both that occurred on the opposite side of the country on July 18. In a highly-publicized accident, four women were killed when a pickup truck collided with a limousine in which they were riding on Long Island, New York.

Sources report that four additional limo passengers were seriously hurt during the incident and that the driver was also injured. The man who was behind the wheel of the pickup was also taken to the hospital for his injuries. The women had hired the limo for an excursion to New York’s wine country, and the fatal accident occurred as it was leaving a vineyard. The driver was executing a legal U-turn at an intersection near that location when the truck reportedly slammed into its passenger side. The limo driver, who was interviewed extensively by police following the crash, claims that he did not see the pickup as it approached.

Tests indicate that the limo driver was not impaired by alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident, and no criminal charges are expected to be filed against him, according to a local district attorney. However, the driver of the pickup is now facing charges of misdemeanor DWI, and authorities indicate that the charges may be upgraded after chemical test results become available.

Although it is not yet known if any of the victims or their families will file civil suits in this case, it is possible that damages could be sought from multiple parties. Washington residents who suffer truck injuries or are hurt in an accident involving a commercial vehicle may find it beneficial to seek advice from a personal injury attorney who has experience in these fields.

Source: ABC News, “Pickup Driver Drank Beer Before Crash With Long Island Limo Killed 4 Women, DA Says,” Emily Shapiro, July 20, 2015

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