Boeing Employee Trapped Under Landing Gear of 787 Loses Both Legs

A 30-year-old Boeing employee was released from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle yesterday, months after being trapped under the landing gear of a 787 jet. For 40 minutes the man was stuck under the jet. He recalls “horrible pain” and shouting updates to his rescuers at Paine Field like, “My hips are trapped” and “My femur just broke.” That way, he says, they knew what was going on, “and I had a release of pain just by yelling.” It is unclear what caused the accident. As a result of his injuries, the man had both legs amputated below the knees and faces months of rehabilitation. A doctor in the hospital’s rehab unit says learning to walk with prosthetic limbs on both sides is “really like walking on stilts.” Although workers injured on the job do not usually have claims against their employer directly, they may have claims against third party contractors involved in their injuries.

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