Brain injuries in Washington

Emergency room physicians and neurologists in Washington now have a new tool at their disposal that may help them more accurately predict the outcomes of patients who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries. Researchers have developed a new diagnostic test that identifies a specific protein found in the brain that shows a fall in levels after a person has suffered a serious blow to the head.

After conducting studies of three different proteins that play a significant role in neurological cell activity, one distinct type, brain-derived neurotropic factor, was found in decreased amounts post cerebral trauma. Data suggests that the lowered supply of the protein coincides with the severity of the injury. Patients with moderate brain trauma presented with levels consistently 30 percent less than a control group, and individuals with severe injuries showed levels 15 times lower than normal.

Medical professionals are hopeful that the new blood test that identifies the specific protein will help physicians and auxiliary staff determine more relevant courses of treatment and reliable expectations for rehabilitation. The new test may also help researchers more accurately track medications and activities that help restore the protein during the recovery period.

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