Changing teen driving habits in Washington

One of the leading causes of car accidents is distracted driving. While many drivers engage in activities that take their eyes off of the road, teenagers tend to be among the worst offenders. In a recent survey, 40 percent of teenagers admitted to texting while driving. Although that percentage is high, it is actually lower than earlier studies have found, according to the Oregon State University professor who led the most recent research.

In addition to texting behind the wheel, 27 percent of teenagers who participated in the survey said that they changed their clothes while driving, which came as a surprise to researchers. Other common activities that the respondents admitted to engaging in while behind the wheel included changing contact lenses, putting on makeup and doing homework. As time goes on, those who study the issue of distracted driving want to change the mindset of younger drivers behind the wheel. Through increased education, it may be possible to convince teens that it is never a good idea to multitask while driving.

Parents may be able to act as an influence on their children when it comes to proper behavior while in a car. Researchers also say that almost anything that takes a driver’s eyes off of the road can be distracting. Therefore, it may be important to keep drivers from changing radio stations or using a GPS device while a car is moving as it could lead to reduced accident rates.

Anyone who suffers injuries in a car crash may wish to obtain recourse against the driver who was responsible with the help of a personal injury attorney. Car accident injuries may be severe, and chronic pain could make it impossible for the victim to work again or lead a normal life. A successful personal injury lawsuit could result in the award of damages that would cover the cost of medical care.

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