Crewmember Injured Aboard Clamming Vessel

Earlier today the Coast Guard medevaced a crewmember from the 75-foot clamming vessel Enterprise approximately 6 miles east of Manasquan Inlet, N.J. The man was injured when he was struck in the head by a dislodged pipe caused by “equipment failure”. Due to the man’s condition, it was not possible to transfer him to the Coast Guard vessel that reported to the scene and instead the Coast Guard escorted the Enterprise back to Point Pleasant beach where the man’s care was transferred to awaiting emergency medical personnel.

Seamen injured in the course of their employment are entitled to maintenance and cure regardless of who is at fault for their injury. Maintenance is a daily allowance for room and board and cure is the reasonable cost of medical services necessary to treat the injury. The seaman may also be entitled to recovery under the Jones Act or the seaworthiness doctrine.

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