SUV Crashed Into Kirkland Home

Early this morning an SUV crashed through the wall of the bedroom of a Kirkland home where the homeowner slept and then burst into flames. Prior to the crash, the driver lost control of the vehicle, plowed across the lawns of two homes and crashed through a car-port, fence and tree before slamming into the house. The homeowner helped the driver and passenger of the SUV, a woman and man in their 20s, out of the vehicle as it burned. The two occupants were rushed to Evergreen Medical Center for treatment of their injuries. The homeowner did not have physical injuries, but her home is “red flagged” until inspectors determine it is safe to occupy.

Passengers in car crashes often have claims against the driver of the vehicle they are in, which are usually covered by the driver’s auto insurance. An individual who is not physically injured but suffers emotional injuries due to being subjected to a near miss may also have a claim.

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