FBI investigates needles in airplane sandwiches

Delta Air Lines Inc. and the FBI are trying to figure out how needles got into turkey sandwiches served aboard four flights from Amsterdam to the United States, including one flight to Seattle. The airline said that what appear to be sewing needles were found in five sandwiches on Sunday. The needles were found on two flights to Atlanta and one flight to Minneapolis. One passenger on a flight to Minneapolis was injured.

The FBI’s Atlanta office has opened a criminal investigation into the matter, the agency said in a written statement. The Transportation Security Administration says it’s closely monitoring the situation. The agency said it immediately notified U.S. carriers with flights from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

The sandwiches were made in the Amsterdam kitchen of catering company Gate Gourmet. Delta spokeswoman Kristin Baur said flight attendants stopped serving the sandwiches as soon as the needle was discovered. Messages went out to other flights en route from Amsterdam. Another sandwich served on the Minneapolis-bound flight also had a needle, Baur said.

If you or have been injured due to something found in your food that should not have been there, you may be entitled to recovery for your injuries. In the above story, the sewing needles were found in food served by an airline. Airlines are considered “common carriers” and owe a heightened duty of care to their passengers. The person injured in this story may have claims against the airline and the catering company that prepared the sandwiches, among other possible responsible parties.

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