Hazards at parties and events may have consequences

Washington residents should always be aware that accidents can happen at any time, even when they are enjoying the outdoors at parties or gatherings. If an injury does happen, the injured person may suffer medical-related damages while the property owners may also suffer losses if the owners allowed hazardous activities to take place.

In New Jersey, for example, a person suffered an injury in a bungee-trampoline device at a company picnic. As the rider came down from a high jump, the operator lifted the man again before his feet touched the trampoline. This caused the rider to rupture a tendon that required surgery to heal. In total, he incurred more than $8,000 in medical bills. He also reportedly experienced a reduced range of motion in that arm, scars and weakness.

The injured rider and his wife filed lawsuits against multiple companies. They filed lawsuits against the manufacturer of the bungee-trampoline device, the company that owned the venue and the company that rented the device. The lawsuit alleged that the device did not have adequate warnings and that the property allowed a hazardous activity to take place. They also named the company that rented out the device, claiming that they did not properly train the operator. The injured rider ultimately settled for more than $300,000.

Property owners are required to ensure that the premises are safe and free of hazards. If a person suffers an injury while on property that was not maintained, they may be eligible to file a personal injury claim against the owners of that property. An attorney may assist with proving that the property owners were liable for the injuries and help determine the total amount in damages that the injured person sustained. If the property owners wish to settle, the attorney may assist with negotiations.

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