Judge Pechman Awards Deckhand $103,213 for Knee Injury

The Honorable Marsha J. Pechman issued an award on July 27, 2012 finding that the Fishing Company of Alaska was negligent for injuries sustained by Ransom Honeycutt while serving as a deckhand on board the F/V ALASKA RANGER on August 1, 2007.  Honeycutt was injured as he jumped off the net over a 39-inch wall on the trawl deck and landed on a large strap out on the deck.  Judge Pechman found that FCA was negligent in leaving the strap on the outboard side of the wall where deckhands were known to jump.  Judge Pechman awarded damages of $103,213 plus pre-judgment interest for Honeycutt’s knee injury, which included an ACL tear.  Plaintiff was represented by Richard J. Davies of Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC. Defendant was represented by Michael Barcott of Holmes Weddle & Barcott, P.C.

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