Lipitor lawsuits increase

Residents of Washington may not be aware of the large number of lawsuits that have been filed recently against pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The suits claim that the statin drug Lipitor causes type 2 diabetes; the increase likely follows an FDA warning that the drugs may cause a small increase in risk of type 2 diabetes. Pfizer has reportedly denied the accusations and maintains that it plans to fight the cases.

Lipitor, a cholesterol-reducing drug, is reportedly the biggest-selling pharmaceutical in the United States. Statins typically decrease production of cholesterol which in turn lowers the risk of heart disease. The FDA has encouraged people to continue taking the drug, insisting that the benefits outweigh the risks. Nevertheless, enough suits have been filed for a federal court to consolidate cases. The first trial is expected to take place in July 2015. Pfizer will allegedly use the outcome of this case to plan for the other claims against the company.

Reports indicate that there are nearly 1,000 suits pending against Pfizer; the company has complied with the FDA’s mandate that they add a warning label. The company did not comment on whether funds had been put aside for future litigation.

Those who have been harmed by defective products may contract lasting medical issues; additional treatments or surgery are often required and can be costly. An attorney may be able to advise their client on the best course of legal action. While class-action suits often involve multiple plaintiffs, a settlement may not meet the specific needs of an individual wronged by a pharmaceutical company’s negligence.

Source: FOX Business, “Pfizer confronts surge of lawsuits over Lipitor“, August 08, 2014

Source: FOX Business, “Pfizer confronts surge of lawsuits over Lipitor“, August 08, 2014

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