Multiple-vehicle crash injures 3 on I-90

In Washington, a fiery accident resulted in Interstate 90 being slowed to a crawl while bystanders helped victims in burning vehicles. Authorities report that the driver of an eastbound green SUV did not properly negotiate a turn in the road and crossed the center median before ending up in the westbound lanes of the highway. This error started a chain-reaction collision, and the highway became littered with four wrecked vehicles, at least two of which caught fire.

One couple who were behind the green SUV were able to use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire and offer comfort and aid to the man inside. Heroic bystanders, according to a Washington State Trooper, yanked out another driver who was pinned in her burning vehicle. The woman received severe auto injuries on her ankles.

Two drivers in serious condition were transported to Harborview Medical Center. A third driver experienced minor injuries. Law enforcement on the scene made it clear that seat belts were a contributing factor in everyone making it out of the damaged vehicles alive.

While it is unclear what caused the driver in this case to leave the roadway and end up on the opposite side of the highway, sometimes drivers are distracted by texting and driving or by talking on the phone. Additionally, drugs and alcohol can be potential factors. In a situation like this one, an investigation might show that a driver was negligent. In such cases, if a civil lawsuit is filed by the other individuals who were injured in the auto accident, a court might order reimbursement for their medical bills and other amages.

Source: kirotv, “Three injured in 4-vehicle crash near Preston“, September 28, 2014

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