No change in mild TBI after hyperbaric chamber treatments

As doctors and scientists learn more about how our brains work and heal after an injury, attempts are continuously being made to find ways to treat serious injuries to the organ such as traumatic brain injuries. These injuries happen to people throughout the nation, including Seattle, Washington, and are the result of many different types of accidents. While some people appear to recover from brain injuries without any lasting effects, others don’t fare as well and in some cases may contend with symptoms for the rest of their lives. Because of this studies of various treatment methods are routinely conducted.

A study recently conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Pentagon, explored the use of a hyperbaric chamber to treat those suffering from mild TBI. Symptoms that accompany mild TBI include sensitivity to light, headaches and deficits in one’s ability to problem-solve. The subjects involved in the study were Marines. Each of the 60 participants had mild TBI as a result of injurious incidents that occurred while deployed, such as roadside bombs.

The Marines were split into two groups with one group serving as the control group and the other receiving different levels of pressurized oxygen. The hope was that the inhalation of pressurized oxygen would increase the amount of oxygen in the brain of the injured person, aiding damaged cells. In turn, it was thought that brain function may improve. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be what happened. No difference was recorded between the two groups.

Of course Traumatic brain injuries are not limited to those who are in the military. People of all walks of life suffer from them for a variety of reasons. When a TBI is the result of the negligence of another person, such as in the case of a car accident, it is possible that the injured individual might decide to file a personal injury lawsuit. If successful, such a lawsuit would provide financial compensation to the injured individual.

Source: USA Today, “Hyperbaric chamber treatments did not help with mild TBI,” Gregg Zoroya, Sept. 21, 2013

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