Recall of children’s cough syrup prompts concerns

Washington parents need to be aware that Perrigo, a manufacturer of children’s cough syrup sold at various retailers recently recalled five batches of children’s cough syrup. The problem with the syrup is that the dosing cups that were included have wrong markings, leading to concerns about possible overdoses.

The cough syrup is sold under a variety of different brand names and contains 100 mg of guaifenesin and 5mg of dextromethorphan. The company stated that it has notified the Food and Drug Administration and is issuing a voluntary recall to protect consumers. The company also stated that it was not the one that manufactured the dosing cups.

When taken in too high of a dose, dextromethorphan can cause serious side effects. Perrigo reported that potential side effects include coma, death, seizures, hallucinations, respiratory depression, tachycardia and others. The company has advised parents to not try to guess at the correct dose and to throw away the dosing cups. A medical professor said parents who notice any of the side effects occurring should immediately seek medical care for their children.

Negligent manufacturers who place defective products on the market may be held civilly responsible for any injuries that occur when a person uses the product in a reasonable manner. Injured victims may file personal injury lawsuits under a theory of products liability. People who believe their injury was caused by a defective product may want to consult with a personal injury lawyer who can review the evidence in order to determine if the person has a cause of action and to also identify all possible defendants.

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