Tug Boat Accidents in Louisiana and New York

The Coast Guard responded to two accidents involving towing vessels on Friday, April 6, 2012.

The towing vessel Altro Donna sank after an allision with a piling near Commodore Dock in Marreo, Louisiana where it was transporting eight empty red-flag barges with three crewmembers onboard. The Altro Donna reportedly had a tank onboard with an estimated 11,500 gallons of diesel fuel and 52 gallons of lube oil. The crewmembers were safely evacuated before the vessel sank and there are currently salvage and pollution cleanup operations underway.

Also on Friday, the Tug Katherine G capsized near Liberty Island in New York Harbor. A Good Samaritan ferry crew safely rescued from the water the two crewmembers that were aboard the tug. U.S. Currently the Coast Guard is investigating any possible pollution and a salvage plan is being formed.

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