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Personal injury law is complex and ever-changing. Legal developments as well as medical advances make it an exciting area of the law for attorneys who thrive on challenge.  Every day, state legislatures, courtroom judges and medical researchers make many key decisions and discoveries that profoundly affect the way cases are prepared and presented for court. At Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC, we demand understand the importance of staying current with both legal and medical issues.  Our niche area of maritime law has its own complex dimensions that demand our keen attention and diligence so as to be ready for the next seaman’s injury case that comes our way.

You may be considering contacting our law firm after a tug boat injury, a construction injury or a motor vehicle accident. Please know that we scrupulously follow, monitor and analyze key legal, medical and industrial news that will have an impact on the strategies we will use while protecting your rights if our Washington state law firm represents you.
Once we accept your case, we know it is essential to keep you informed about the legal process to enable you to make better decisions about your own case. This blog page provides insight into relevant case law and court decisions in the legal areas of greatest importance to our clients and their legal issues. Periodically, we will update the information and blog topics, so please return often to see our most current post and comments.

Our Seattle, Washington, personal injury law firm has always placed an emphasis on personalized attention and responsiveness to our clients’ concerns. Your input is helpful. We take your comments seriously, and invite your feedback about this or any future blog posts on this page.  Thank you for visiting. Call us in our Seattle office at 206-452-3219 or  866-377-0191 toll free. You may also contact the law offices by e-mail to discuss your specific legal need today.

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