Man flees scene of Washington car crash

A car accident that occurred in Seattle on July 11 left a passenger with serious injuries. According to law enforcement officials, two men were headed north around 3:15 p.m when the driver tried to pass a Metro bus but lost control. He then hit a fence and a tree. After the vehicle rolled, it ended up on its side.

The totaled car’s driver ran from from the scene before law enforcement arrived. The passenger, suffering from severe but not life-threatening injuries, was transported to Harborview Medical Center.

Another person at the scene was hit with debris from the fence. She was also transported to the hospital. Her condition was not known at the time of the report, and the accident was still under investigation.

A plaintiff who sustains auto injuries from an accident in which the driver leaves the scene might have definitive proof for their case. For example, many judges and juries may see the driver running from the scene as an implicit admission of guilt. Additionally, if further investigation or testimony finds that the driver was drinking or otherwise distracted before the crash, the plaintiff’s chances in court may be vastly improved.

The passenger in the car is not the only person who could collect damages against the motorist. The woman who got injured after she was hit with flying debris may also be able to successfully collect a settlement. If her lawyer can prove that the accident could have been avoided, then the woman has a good chance of a successful verdict.

Source: KOMO News, “Driver runs away after crash, leaves injured passenger behind”, July 11, 2014

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