Washington car accident leaves 3 injured

Authorities report that a two-car accident in the afternoon of July 20 in Walla Walla County left three individuals with injuries. All of the people involved in the crash were wearing seat belts, and no drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident, according to troopers who investigated the scene.

A 53-year-old male driver was traveling in the eastbound lane of U.S. Highway 12 when he allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign and hit another car. He was not hurt, but his 47-year-old passenger was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The female driver of the other car and her passenger were both injured. The 69-year-old driver was driven to Richland for treatment, while the passenger, a 76-year-old man, was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

After a car accident in Washington involving auto injuries as this one did, authorities might attempt to construct a clear picture of liability. By using the results of an accident investigation by police or evidence such as eyewitness accounts or footage from a traffic camera, an attorney representing an injured plaintiff may be able to ascertain who is liable for a client’s damages. That attorney could build a strong personal injury claim and seek compensation for damages.

In this case, the driver who allegedly failed to stop at the stop sign may be deemed liable if it can be proven that he was distracted or negligent in some other way. For example, his decision to not stop at the traffic sign might be used as evidence of liability. An attorney might be able to provide representation and use all injury reports, medical records, photos or other documents to file a lawsuit.

Source: KEPRTV.com, “Serious accident near Wallula Junction shuts down highway”, Frances Watson, July 14, 2014

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